“Juventus crisis? Not Pirlo’s fault. I will not train again.”

I said it at the beginning of the season and I repeat it today. If Juventus don’t play the tournament we’re used to, it’s not just because of Pirlo’s inexperience, For which I know great skills and deep technical knowledge. There are other reasons on the technical level: I’m talking about the quality of the playersMarcelo Libby said that, The former coach of the Azzurrians, during the Caffè della Versiliana in Pietrasanta, in the province of Lucca. “I had many proposals to return to training. I’ve spoken to everyone, outside of education, but I have no intention of returning to training. If there is a different opportunity, such as a coach, let’s see. I don’t want to go to the field anymore. Technical Director? Perhaps, but it depends. I have to go to a company where I know people already, and definitely not where there is a boss who wants to do everything himself. What am I going to do there? They’ve called me with some teams, for heaven’s sake, if I have to end my career with arguments all day long, I don’t even think about it.“.

Lippi against Mourinho, AC Milan, Atalanta and the fight for the Champions League

As i see Mourinho to Rome? Well very well. He will have a lot of work to do“Adds to La Presse’s microphones, commenting on the Portuguese coach’s arrival in Rome.”Milan-Atalanta? It’s tough for Milan – Former Juventus coach continues –. Atalanta has a chance to finish second in Serie A. After last night’s disappointment, I don’t think they want to fail. Sorry someone will have to stay outside. If the three – AC Milan, Juventus and Napoli – win, Juventus will remain. There are teams, like Milan and Napoli, who have performed well in the last few matches. Juventus also recovered after the defeat to Milan. All three risks, predictions cannot be made“.

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Lippi and the Memory of Naples

I have a wonderful memory of Naples. I was only there a year ago, but it was a busy year. Ottavio Bianchi, then a manager in Naples, took me to Naples. She was a fallen woman: He has just stopped playing Maradona. I remember one good thing from that year, and that is from November onwards, neither I nor the players got paid. However, that year, we did well, finished fifth, and qualified for the UEFA Cup. Then, without salary for months, Juventus called me in February saying: I can’t say no“.

Lippi in the Italian team Mancini

I love the Mancini national team, it has been very good. Play well, it bodes well. Mancini was also good for this reason. When I was driving the national team, I had to choose in a league with 65% Italians and 35% Foreigners. He starred in reverse proportions. Despite this, he has created a good group of 25-30 players, young, good, well-playing. It was also good because it gave a nod to Serie A, making players who have yet to make their debut with their teams. As if to say, let them play“. Comment on the vaccine: “I already received the Chinese vaccine, Sinovac, the first booster dose a month later. no problem. I was on vacation, I was around the world for 4 months. They already gave me the vaccine when I was in Italy but if it turns out that they did it before the others it would be a mess, so I gave up. On vacation I had the opportunity to do so. I called some Chinese doctors, I spent 8 years in China and know a lot, and they all advised me to do so, adding that it was also valid for the variants that we are talking about today“.

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Libyan: "The national team plays the best football in Europe"

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Lippi: “The national team plays the best football in Europe”

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