Juventus, Arthur in Valencia: It’s about the money. Then Paredes

The Spanish club is willing to pay only part of the salary, and the Bianconeri will not want to go above 50 per cent

Valencia is growing more confident about Arthur leaving Juventus. While the two clubs continue to negotiate loan transfer terms, the (positive) Brazilian midfielder had his first contact with Gattuso. The coach appreciates him very much and is ready to give him the keys to the midfield, and the player was enthusiastic about the project described over the phone. The problem to be solved now is purely economic, because the Spanish club is ready to pay only part of the salary. The Bianconeri would like to save at least 50% of the 8 million and 300 thousand euros of the annual salary, and the Spaniards stop at a minimum but continue to negotiate to find minimum conditions that can be good for everyone.


Arthur is not part of the plans for Allegri, who would like to have a director role in his place. The name is Paredes’ name, but Juventus have to make room for him before they drop the blow. The Bianconeri decided to focus on the Brazilian in Sarri’s time, even if the former Barcelona midfielder was under Pirlo’s management. In any case, his arrival in Turin was supported by a tactical idea different from the current one, giving little room to Mezala with its characteristics. Last January Arsenal advanced, but then stayed on due to numerical needs dictated by the sale of Bentancourt and a series of financial lay-offs to his teammates. Now it looks like his adventure under Mole was already in the closing credits, so much so that he didn’t even participate in the US tour. Juventus and Valencia are in the works, and Arthur will soon return to La Liga.

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