Juventus, 10-day break for Di Maria: adductor muscle injury

After the first presentation, a cold shower of exam results. Angel Di Maria arrived early in the morning in J Medical After that, you will be subjected to automated examinations Left Closer Resentment He warned midway through the second half to win the match 3-0 Juventus Against Sassuolo, which was his first appearance in the Italian league.

Juventus, Di Maria stops: Exam results

The video was surrounded by the emotion of the fans as he got out of the car that took him to the Juventus Medical Center: the number 22 loaned himself to requests Photograph And the Photo To enter J Medical, where the former PSG stayed for about 45 minutes, then leave the chassis at the end of the checks aboard a car from a secondary exit. A few hours later, the results of the tests came out, which showed, according to the Juventus report, “a low-grade injury to the long adductor muscle of the left thigh. Within 10 days it will be reassessed.” Therefore, the Argentine will have to miss the match on Monday 22nd on the field Sampdoria, But Allegri hopes to get it back for Saturday’s 27th match at home Rome.

Also Pogba and Szczesny at J Medical: Emotion of the crowd

Two other notable injuries to Juventus were present at the medical centre, Paul Pogba And the Wojciech Szczssny. midfielderwho was discharged a few minutes after Di Maria entered, and underwent a medical examination after starting conservative treatment to recover from External meniscus injury He was charged in mid-July while on tour in the United States. On the other hand, it is scheduled that Szczesny’s investigations after a prolonged injury to the left thigh suffered before the friendly match against Atlético Madrid, which prevented the Polish goalkeeper from defending Juventus positions in his first appearance in the league.

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Juventus, three of its kind in Sassuolo in the name of Di Maria and Vlahovic

Juventus and Di Maria thank the fans: “happy with the excellent start”

Di Maria was the best player in Juventus’ first league game, breaking the deadlock midway through the first half with a pass from Alex Sandro Then he sent in the second half to Dusan Vlahovic the ball that closed the accounts. In the middle, especially after changing the role from the attacking midfielder to the left winger, Di Maria has managed to transcend football by entering all the main offensive actions of Juventus and has already shown”Understanding Very good for companions. The day after the first game of his Serie A career, Di Maria thanked Juventus fans for the affection he had shown and applauded through a post on his profile. Instagram:What a great happiness to start winning. Congratulations to the group for a great match. And thanks to the fans for the affection they received. We keep working hard. Go to juventusBut the perfect night was disturbed by the injury accused in the 24th minute of the second half, when Di Maria anxiously came to the bench touching his thighs before making way for him. Fabio Meretti. Even the warm applause of the fans did not calm the face of Video, who will therefore have to miss the first away match of the Juve season.


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Allegri: “It was a great victory”

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