Justice, Travalio on La7: “Nordio wants to reduce wiretapping? So let’s go back to Sherlock Holmes investigations with a magnifying glass”

Nordeau, as a judge, has made thousands of objectionsas in the case of the investigation Musa, with the arrest of 35 and the investigation of hundreds of politicians and businessmen. Either he didn’t do this investigation, but someone else did and signed everything off, or he changed his mind. I have never seen a former judge so dislike not only his colleagues and class, but the judicial functions themselves. In fact, The victims of these counter-reforms are not the judges but the citizensA. are spoken words “8:30” (A7) By the director occurring every dayMarco Travaglioabout theto me Justice reform announced by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio During a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Travalio points out: “If they abolished or limited wiretapping, judges would work less. If they removed the mandatory nature of prosecution and the judge decided which file to deal with or even if it had been mandated by the government, which pick chicken thieves Who steals a few and leaves me alone White collar thieves steal billions, the judge works less. If it is then Meloni government He wants more savings by directly abolishing prosecutors and courts – and he continues – judges will go on vacation 365 days a year. The problem is not the judges. I don’t care about judges, I care about myself, citizen. If I have been wronged by a powerful person, today I am sure the judge will have to examine my complaint against that powerful person. If the judge receives orders from the government, it is unlikely that the government will allow him to conduct an investigation against the powerful in my favor.”

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boss did shimmers: “But these things are righteous words. It is incredible that it is the Minister of Justice and, moreover, a former judge who says this. We are the ones affected. I’ve heard of Mouthpiece“Let’s do the investigations like we used to.” naturally, Let’s go back to Sherlock Holmes, who is looking for footprints on the ground with a magnifying glass. But do you realize what you’re saying? We are in the year 2022 – and he concludes – they are transferring billions with one click on the computer, and what do we do? Sherlock Holmes Investigations in Dust and Dirt? But obviously you have to do remote, telephone and environmental interceptions. They make it all over the world. Instead, we want to go back to the Middle Ages. But are we really crazy? “.

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