Just Three Minutes Workout for a Flat and Toned Stomach Perfect for Next Summer

With the gentle reopening of gyms, you can get back to your summer-friendly fit. So we can say goodbye to the fat accumulated this year on the couch and Netflix. We can go back to go to the gym and pool. Movement, even just walking, is very beneficial for the body and mind as well. Thus, it is very important to exercise or do some simple movements that keep the body active.

The gym has reopened

Gyms have reopened so personal trainers can create personalized cards to get excellent results in a short time. But in addition to the great job these professionals do, there’s only a three-minute workout to do for a flat, toned stomach that’s perfect for next summer.

Training away from home and training at home

This particular year we learned to train at home. Now we can combine the exercises that are performed in the gym with the new ones that we will now explain. This way we’ll go to work five days out of five.

Here’s the must-do three-minute workout for a flat, toned stomach that’s perfect for this coming summer

It’s three different exercises that work a lot on their part ventral. We are talking about the plank. But today we’re going to reveal three different types of planks that you should do every day for just 3 minutes: 1 minute for each exercise.

The first is the classic plank. Then lie down with your back up, elbows on the floor and toes firmly on the floor. You should hold this position for one minute straight without arching your back and staying straight.

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The second exercise is similar to a classic plank, but instead of standing on your elbows, you have to stand on your palms. You should keep one leg raised for the first 30 seconds and the other for 30 seconds.

The third exercise consists in place of the raised plank, like the second exercise. The difference is that for the first 30 seconds, you have to put your arm in front of you and force with one hand, then change it up and make it with your other hand.


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