Just move a stick to solve it, it’s impossible

It is very difficult to solve the riddle that we propose to you today. What you have to do is move one of the toothpicks to solve this puzzle. You are ready?

Can you solve this puzzle?

Today we present to you mystery, difficult to solve. What you will need is very simple, but most of the time, people who do this give up almost immediately.

So, take your time and think about it well. What you need to do, to solve this puzzle which can be very easy (but really is not!), It is to move a toothpick to solve this process.

First, you need to look closely at the photo that we put above: as you can see, it is practical, i.e. 5 + 7 = 2. What we ask of you is to move a toothpick to perform the correct operation.

As you can see the number 5 consists of Ben 5 toothpicks, while those of which it consists 7 is 3. Instead, the number of toothpicks that make up the number 2 It is again 5. But be careful: you can also move the ones that make up the icons, in this case File + and =.

Can you solve this puzzle?

Not all people are able to solve this riddle, which seems easy, but in fact it is not: many give it up because they do not have patience, while others cannot find the solution.

So the puzzle we propose today is a process solution. You are ready? Then give it a try, you have all the time you need to be able to solve it. what are you waiting for?

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But if you are not really able to figure out how to solve this puzzle, we will give you the solution. So, do you give up? do not worry. here is the solution.

solve the puzzle.

Today’s puzzle was being able to solve a very simple process, i.e. 5 + 7 = 2Move only one toothpick.

Can you solve this puzzle?
solve the puzzle

what We must move is the toothpick that forms the + sign: In this way it will form Signboard –. We have to put it in a file no 5 To make it become a number 9. So the solution is this: 9-7 = 2.

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Solving this puzzle can be very difficult, but in the end with a good dose of patience, nothing is impossible.

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Were you able to solve today’s question? Or did you go see the solution after losing your temper?

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