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apparently, X-Box and the Official console From Battlefield 2042, based on what was reported by DICE and Electronic Arts in the game’s marketing campaign, which is curious given that it’s a cross-platform game, and it’s also set to appear on PS4 and PS5: so it’s just a classic promotional gimmick or there are deals exclusive expected partial?

Not yet clear: at the moment it seems to be just some kind of motto for Promotional campaign, which will use the Xbox logo for Microsoft console-related co-marketing initiatives, as we’ve already seen with the gameplay presentation at the Xbox Conference for E3 2021.

However, it is not excluded that there may be exclusives partial or temporal In some game items: Several years ago, we typically saw things like this in relation to Call of Duty and PlayStation platforms, as it did previously with Destiny: in those cases, in addition to marketing agreements, PS4 and PS5 for example got early access to New devices Contents As well as exclusive modes.

As for Battlefield 2042, there is no news of this kind, at the moment, but it is certainly not unexpected, given the association between the game and the Xbox platform. On the other hand, it must be said that EA is seeking partnerships of this kind as well on other fronts: with Nvidia we have the “PC Experience” from Battlefield 2042, as well as other initiatives with Logitech, Polaris and WD_Black, so it’s probably just some sort of slogan. ad.

We’ll know maybe more July 22, 2021, is the date on which this year’s EA Play Live will premiere Battlefield 2042 alongside other news from Electronic Arts.

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