Jupiter, Saturn and Venus align perfectly – space and astronomy

The procession of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in the sky, with perfect alignment and a chance to return to look up at the sky.

In the past, the alignment of the planets in antiquity was seen as announcements of the apocalypse or other impending catastrophes, but even if they appeared close to each other, for the “game” of pure perspectives, their location could have no effect on Earth and our lives. However, there are still very wonderful events, and it is one of the wonders of heaven.

Taking advantage of the alignment underway in the days of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, a new live broadcast of the sky arrives in the living room, with its guest Federico Tosi, researcher and planetary scientist at INAF, to talk about the future of space exploration, the missions that in the coming years will explore the frozen moons of Jupiter and Saturn and studies on the potential of These environments host potential extraterrestrial life forms.

In addition, the institute’s observatories and telescopes will show the wonders of Jupiter and Saturn shining near the sky, and, right after sunset, the luminous Venus. Today is the fourth appointment for The sky in the living room, a series of live YouTube broadcasts linked to INAF offices and observatories spread across the country, to enjoy the sky together through a telescope and discuss it with researchers, researchers and other guests studying scientific mysteries. Upcoming events already scheduled are those on February 4th with Stelle d’Inverno, an evening dedicated to Orion, Soraya and Andromeda and how stars are born, live and die in our galaxies and in other galaxies and on March 21, with “Equinox at the Museum”, to mark the opening week Annual Institute, with virtual visits to astronomical museums in various locations.

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