Junction PC-Console does not work, Hotfix is ​​on the road –

Outriders Available today on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PS5, and Google Stadia. Unfortunately, there actually appears to be some problems. The PC-Console junction does not work And the team is already working on an urgent fix to fix it.

In fact, remember that Outriders allow (should allow) interference between the computer and console versions of the game. For now, it has been deactivated to allow People Can Fly, or the development team, to analyze the situation. However, the respective error is only activated if both the PC triggers and the Party console are present, therefore Unmixed cross play is still possible.

People Can Fly, on Reddit, explains just that It was still technically possible to beat the juggle cross play And invite the player to the PC while on the console or vice versa. Until then, however, the error will appear so there is no reason to do so. Moreover, the PC operators, Steam and Epic Games Store, will be able to play with each other without problems.

People can fly said: “We are addressing this problem with Top priority We’re working on patches that sync the code for all platforms, which will fix the issues. “We hope this will happen as soon as possible.

We also remind you of that Outriders is available on Xbox Game Pass In console and mobile version / xCloud. On the other hand, the PC version is not included in Microsoft’s service. If you play the demo, all progress is preserved: but be careful, if you cheat, you risk taking an original sanction.

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Outriders: Hot fix for upcoming co-play issues

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