July, Invoice Discount Arrives: Inps Social Bonus

Nearly three million families are willing to receive the reward in the form of a discount on their bills. And the procedure, this time, is very simplified.

Discount bills for the month of July
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A discount on your bill is always good news, for whatever reason. Even better, spending cuts come in a common case of general economic hardship, such as those caused by the pandemic. It is clear that during the lockdown period, the cost of utilities has gone up due to increased consumption. From this point of view, staying at home was not in anyone’s interestNot even with a bonus policy to support local welfare. However, with the advent of July, the easing takes the form of social reward on bills, aimed specifically at those who find themselves having to face the new rise in consumption in unstable economic conditions.

In fact, this is a benefit expected in January but postponed indefinitely after a review by the Energy, Networks and Environment Authority (Arera), Required by reviewing the privacy guarantor. Now, however, it seems that everything is fine and the discount on the bill falls precisely on the month that is likely to be the most likely to be used by local users. The key word is air conditioning, but other appliances can also help make summer bills more expensive.

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Cheaper bill in July: Beneficiaries and social bonus requirements

It will not be difficult to reach the discount on your bill. It is enough to fill out the Single Substitution Permit (Dsu) and the downsizing will be applied automatically, without any application being forwarded. Bypass, in fact, the previous bonus on demand, which decisively simplifies the procedure for accessing the facility. In recent years, the bureaucracy has limited the use of bonus which, at hand, It can affect nearly 3 million families. With regard to income, beneficiaries must not have a single, declared in Isee, exceeding 8,265 euros. For families with at least 4 dependent children, the reference index should not indicate figures exceeding 20 thousand euros. The green light is also for holders of income or citizenship pension, as long as they have an active supply of local users. The total duration of the social bonus is 12 months.

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No more questions via the Café or the municipality of residence afterwards. INPS will be responsible for automatically sending the data to the Integrated Information System (Be) of the individual buyer, in order to facilitate access to the discount on the invoice without submitting documents other than the DSU. The data will be transferred via an s-FTP client connection, This is to protect users’ privacy through encryption and digital signature. If all requirements are met, the discount will be applied directly to the invoice. In the case of central supply, the entire amount will be paid to families once a year. On the other hand, cashier’s check in case of water bonus. For gas, it will be a domicile bank transfer, made to the person who has filled the Dsu. To withdraw the amount, specific contacts will arrive.

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