Julia de Lillis: “How happy I am to drive” IE Jamila: The sexy influencer behind the wheel


Very popular and more active than ever on social media, Julia de Lillis is sensual but real at the same time, never missing an opportunity to take new photos and to tell a strong passion: that of engines.

The relationship between women and movers has been talked about many times, perhaps too much: rhetoric and prejudices, however, are something that does not affect true love that Julia Dellis Auto feeds.

Although, unfortunately, beautiful women are often associated with drives of a basic male indifference devoid of content and meaning, for beauty Julia theuto be really important.

As with many other emotions that stir her feelings, Julia Dellis She loves cars just like that: she loves to drive them, and yes I feel happy, Free, in Guide. And he never misses an opportunity to do it again.

Until recently, Nice influencer He managed to share a post on his social channels by immortalizing it in leash And remember how much she enjoyed driving.

Julia de Lillis: An Influencer Who Loves to Lead

Of course, his career is pure of beauty and ability influencers Starkly, he had to overcome some obstacles and curves just like car You should do, perhaps, on the right track.

giulia1- (motorzoom)

And she, who has plenty of curves, was able to “saddle” her proverbial bike Exciting nature Argumentative ability and expressive and communicative temperament out of the ordinary. fee feature.

Julia Dellis “I’m happy to drive,” he repeated. With the last shot, we notice beauty and sensuality The girl appears Behind the wheel: she is the one who gives influencers The network has become an all-around star, knowing haters and criticism are always around the corner.

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Julia de Lillis: Driving Image Store Likes

Just as a reliable car knows how to turn and avoid pitfalls and accidents, so it is Julia Dellis She knew how to become not just a beloved personality on television and social networks, but a real one contractor.


Famous for participating in the famous talk men and women, Despite his young age, he has been able to channel his energies into companies related to the beauty and makeup sector.

It has thus become a testimonial of a very popular brand all over the world, and its influencers have grown even larger. today Five million followers On Instagram, for example.

He even wrote a book: Hooters Sound Good on Everything. But I Was Better Off Without!, which tells the story of the end of his relationship with tronista and DJ Andrew Damant. For all this there is no shortage of photos on car: one of the top Emotion that collect clicks and likes.

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