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In the USA, they were able to test the new model of the Nintendo Switch, the one with an OLED screen. This is a model that offers some substantial improvements to the Switch experience, such as a larger and more colorful display, a better base of support and more powerful and accurate speakers. However, there is another question that everyone who has experienced drift With Nintendo Switch consoles: those installed by OLED switch Will they suffer from the same problem? Nintendo’s response was somewhat evasive, saying that “features and configuration Joy-Con does not change“.

what does that mean? That despite everything, there is still a risk that the Joy-Con will start recording movements of analog jacks that were not actually made or it is a way to avoid widespread recognition of the problem, especially in light of the fact that there are already several lawsuits Outstanding and could any kind of misplaced data be used against the Japanese company? However, in the answer it says that Nintendo continues to do so Improves Products you constantly own, something that could mean that something has been done 4 years later.

Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch OLED
Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch OLED

American colleagues don’t know this and have only been able to try out the console not knowing for sure if something inside the new Joy-Con has changed. They can only report Answer Which avoids talking about drifting, but refers to customer service for every problem you encounter.

“Configuration and functionality of the Joy-Con has not changed with the Nintendo Switch (OLED model).” Nintendo Books. “Configuration and functionality are the same as the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch console. At Nintendo, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality products and are constantly improving them. we know Reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not working properly. We want our customers to enjoy the Nintendo Switch, and if there is anything that does not allow them to achieve that, we encourage them to visit so we can help. “

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