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According to a Nintendo engineer, a problem the point subordinate Joey Con From Nintendo Switch won’t be UnresolvedEven though the company fights us all the time. Drift is a phenomenon that plagues the Joy-Con (and not only) that results in the controller producing erroneous inputs without even touching the sticks. Nintendo has never addressed the issue directly, at least in public, repeating the silence before the Nintendo Switch OLED launch.

But he has now posted a Q&A announcing that the new version of the console features Joy-Con to improve, which is no longer in the console released in 2017. He also said that the Joy-Con is constantly being improved.

Unfortunately, there’s also bad news, because Ko Shiota, general manager of Nintendo’s technology development division, has in fact confirmed what many fear, namely that the problem of drift will never be completely resolved and that use, with the relative depreciation of the Joy-con, will end up with It will inevitably appear over time.

Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch OLED

And to make the problem understandable, Shiota made a comparison with the tires of the car, which can not always wear out due to the clutch. So Nintendo is constantly improving the mode and making the Joy-Con more resistant, but it can’t avoid depreciation from use.

The gist is that the drift problem can be improved, but not completely eliminated and it will always tend to recur.

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