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Joseph Fares He was one of the indie developers interviewed during today’s appointment with EA Play Live In the Spotlight, and took the opportunity to reveal the team’s next project, which will keep cooperative But it will be Completely different.

Faris had already said his next game would be better than It Takes Two, and without going into details, he reiterated the concept in his speech: a clear sign of how much the talented director believed in the correctness of his next work.

After determining that Hazelight at this moment is more than a Tripla I From a suitable independent company, Faris said he and his collaborators have more knowledge and awareness than before, and they do their jobs better.

However, creating a video game is a risk in any case, especially for his team because every project is different: the next game will continue cooperative and narrative elements, but other than that everything would change.

The world, the characters, PlayFaris concluded: “Everything will be different in our next game, and let me say that people will be horrified when they see that.”

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