Jon Stewart, comedian candidate for the next US presidency? No thank you!

In the United States, it is not surprising that personalities not directly from the world of politics, but also from the world of business or entertainment, come directly to the White House. The most striking case was that of Ronald Reagan, but now new speculation wants the TV comedian Jon Stewart. is shown.

Among the many stand-up comedians and actors who could be candidates for Presidency of the United States of AmericaIndeed, if not the world’s most important and decisive government position, to tell the truth Jon Stewart would not be even the most improvised. Of course, they usually Presidents of the United States to express themselves in the world of entertainment Not least Joe Biden, who’s mostly out of date Hollywood acclaimed with a Democratic majority – not the opposite. But in reality, Stewart’s name did not come out of thin air, but as a result of rumors that the conservative historical political commentator for Fox News, Tucker Carlsoncould appear in 2024.

And if you want to win a TV face, you need another TV face, in the arcade the name Jon Stewart started, who, yes, is a TV comedian by profession, but actually promotes the kind of clever comedy and satire that looks like the topic of interest above all else is Politics. presenter satirical political show daily offer From 1999 to 2015, Twenty-second Emmy Winner Facing 49 nominations, Stewart criticized several times against conservative media and on Fox News in particular, accusing it of distorting the news to meet a conservative political agenda. Although he was prepared, in short, he responded quickly to the rumors and as clearly as possible.

Um… no thanks– Share via social media in a post that you can find at the bottom of the article. However, as a man genuinely interested in political life (even if not for himself), he took the opportunity of the flourishing of vision to focus attention on a cause that had always been particularly close to his heart:While I have your attentionAll of you (media companies included) can ask Republican Senator Pat Toomey why he’s blocking a project Veterans Care Act Who fought for massive bipartisan support, all for technical reasons?“.

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