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how – Beijing and Moscow respond With a display of unity in the face of the challenge launched by NATO, and three days before the conclusion of the Vilnius Summit, they announced their intention to hold Joint military exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan. The press release arrived yesterday morning from the Chinese Ministry of Defense, which did not specify the date of the maneuvers, although they seem close, but specifies that they will be called “Northern Interaction – 2023”. As the goal of “maintaining the security of strategic sea lanes”.

A step that underscores the long-term strategic choices of the Beijing regime: Despite Putin’s bungling in the Ukrainian military campaign and his apparent domestic political weakness, Xi Jinping continues to be considered an important ally in the confrontation with the Western camp And with the US policy of “containing” China in the Pacific. This is also set to worry Tokyo, which has opened several territorial and water disputes with China. the Global Timesthe Chinese Communist Party’s English-language newspaper, to that This is the first time that Russia has sent naval and air units to participate in exercises of this kind. On the other hand, five warships and four Chinese helicopters have already left Tsingtao Base in Shandong Province to reach the stretch of sea where the exercises will begin. Since 2018, the Russian Pacific Fleet has already called on the Chinese fleet four times for joint operations.

Putin is interested in relaunching his role in the international arena. The internal chaos in Russia and the failed coup by Wagner’s mercenary militia tarnished his image. This also explains the emphasis with which Kremlin spokesmen have taken his long phone call yesterday with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. He also tries out one Proposing a compromise to start peace talks with Ukraine. One of the “oil” ways may be to re-launch the Ukrainian grain export agreement through the Black Sea, which may expire tomorrow, given that the Russians threaten not to renew it. Until a few days ago, Turkish leader Erdogan was supposed to play the role of mediator, but now his role seems tarnished after he chose to free some well-known Ukrainian fighters from the Azov battalion in violation of agreements with Putin. South Korean President Yoon Sok-yul also joined the crowd of aspiring psychics, who met yesterday with Zelensky in Kiev. in the past months It was the arsenals of South Korea that supplied a significant part of the shells needed by the Ukrainians to continue the counterattack.

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