Joint bank account? Pay attention to these rules

According to applicable laws, there is no maximum number of cointestatari Bank account: This is as clearly stated in the Civil Code.

In fact, the current account of the bank can be in the name of two or more persons without the need for any family relationship between the joint shareholders and without a limit on the number of people who can access the funds in the deposit. Usually you choose to open a joint bank account between spouses, in order to reduce the costs of keeping the deposit and to simplify the management of joint expenses of the house and the needs of daily life as much as possible.

Among the most common cases, then, there is also a common name for a bank account with children or other family members. This does not mean, however, that Link Somehow a necessary or mandatory component by law in order to open a joint account. Indeed, it is possible, for example, that a solution of this type may also be adopted by members of corporations, cooperatives or corporations of various kinds, or simply by individuals who do not have any family relationship: even in these cases, however, Civil law limits the number of people who can be allowed to access the funds in the deposit.

In accordance with applicable laws, it is possible to open a joint bank account by choosing between two different types of contracts.

1) Common Current Account A joint signature: This solution allows account holders to operate on the bank account, provided that individual movements of funds are authorized by all holders by putting their signature as confirmation.

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2) Common Current Account A separate signature: The workaround, on the other hand, allows each of the bank account holders to carry out all kinds of operations through deposit (transactions, withdrawals, wire transfers, payments via the account …) without the need for prior authorization. Signed by all other account holders.

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