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This is your chance to join the biggest club in the world, Team WTF1!

If you are a fan of F1 then Team WTF1 is the place for you. In addition to unlimited access to all our current content, WTF1 team members will also be rewarded with money-cannot-buy opportunities, exclusive content, and many special offers and discounts on the WTF1 Store.

As a member, you’ll not only have great opportunities to meet the team (you’re in luck), but there will also be a number of exclusive live events to bring you closer than ever (always respect the social distancing rules for sure!).

If you are already a WTF1 team member, log in here

The monthly and annual subscription includes:

  • Exclusive team match events, including short videos, play sessions with Matt, Q&A, and more!
  • Additional content for members only
  • Incredible and unique events and experiences
  • Contests and prizes
  • 10% off on WTF1 Store
  • Send via monthly newsletter
  • Plus the chance to race for Team WTF1

questions and answers

For inquiries related to your account or registration issues, please send an email [email protected]

I’m having trouble logging into my Team WTF1 account, what should I do?
If you have just created a WTF1 account, your payment can sometimes take up to 48 hours to be fully processed. If you still have problems, write to us at [email protected] We will help you.

What payment methods do you accept for WTF1 team subscriptions?
Currently, we allow payments by credit or debit card and through Apple Pay. We’re working hard behind the scenes to add more payment options, so be sure to check back soon for developments.

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If your preferred payment method isn’t supported at the moment, we’re really sorry, but don’t forget that we don’t remove any content from our regular schedule, so none of our existing content will be affected.

Do I have to be based in the UK to join the WTF1 team?
You can definitely join the WTF1 team as an international fan. But at the moment our events are mainly held in the UK due to travel restrictions.

As an international member of the WTF1 team, there are still many virtual things you can be a part of, such as exclusive access to podcasts, virtual gaming sessions, and other perks such as discounts on our products! We will try to change the times of these default events as much as possible so that people from different time zones can participate.

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