John Elkan and Andrea Agnelli, How Much Do They Earn? Surprising numbers

John Elkan and Andrea Agnelli: The salaries of the president, CEO and member of the Family Holding Board of Directors have been revealed. Surprising numbers

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The president and CEO of the holding company of the Agnelli family, one could say things to the wealthy. Especially if we take as a reference the salary that the children of one of the richest and most influential families in Italy can get from them. Exor. The historical entrepreneurial reality marked by more than a century of investments, which controls Juventus and Ferrari, is also a major shareholder in Stellantis, the international car manufacturer.

In short, we are talking about management facts that are famous around the world, which also lead to mathematical interests that touch each other transversely. From 2020 Exor Corporate Financials We can find out the salary of the president and CEO of the company and a member of its board of directors. We are clearly talking about John Elkan and Andrea Agnelli.

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Let’s start with the general numbers for Exor’s budget before moving on to the annual “booty” of the offspring of the Agnelli family. Well, from reading the terms of the report, A. Liabilities of 30 million euros.

John Elkan and Andrea Agnelli: How Much Do They Make From Exor?

Salary exor
Elkan-Agnelli (YouTube screenshot)

Let’s start with the salary of the President and CEO of Exor. John wasn’t performing too badly despite the red color of the company he runs. In fact, his salary was for 2020 € 8.5 million, Down from 10.5 a year earlier. Specifically, it can be seen that 230 thousand euros were paid in wages, 3.5 million euros were paid on the basis of shares, 800 thousand euros in bonuses and 3.8 million euros in other fees.

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Less physically fit, but definitely not comparable to that of a metalworker, Andrea Agnelli’s salary. Who considered him as a member of the company’s board of directors 506 thousand eurosFor him, too, a decrease compared to 687,000 euros in 2019.

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By staying in Exor quota, we can also list a reward Alessandro Nasi, Cousin of Agnelli and Elkan, vice president of Holdings. For him the salary is 735 thousand euros. With a loss for him as well compared to the million earned in the previous year.

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