Joe Biden signs an executive order to promote the right to abortion

US President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday to advance the right to abortion, in response to the fallout from a hotly contested decision by the US Supreme Court two weeks ago. Revokes the right to terminate a pregnancy at the federal level.

Immediately after the ruling was published on June 24, nine states Abortion is prohibited In most cases and in the days that followed, many did the same, complicating the decision of tens of millions of women wanting to access an abortion.

The measures of the Executive Order must be approved by the Ministry of Health: they are intended to ensure as much as possible access to medicines needed for medical abortion, as well as contraceptives and emergency medical care for problems related to medical abortion. Pregnancy.

as expected a press release From the White House, the order also aims to protect women’s privacy and promote the dissemination of accurate information about their health and safety. It also allows for the creation of a task force comprising various federal departments with the aim of providing assistance to states where the right to terminate a pregnancy is guaranteed and to structures where abortion is possible: with the new laws, millions of women will be forced to travel by the hundreds. of kilometers to terminate a pregnancy in states where the right is still protected.

Biden immediately criticized the decision by which the Supreme Court had ruled the right to abortion, overturning the provision that since 1973 had guaranteed access to abortion throughout the national territory, known as “Roe v. Wade.” In a short speech at the White House, he called the court’s decision a “tragic mistake” and promised that his government would do everything in its power to ensure that access to abortion was protected.

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However, some Democratic senators have asked the president to adopt “brave decisionsSaying that more could have been done to make it easier to get to termination.

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