Joe Biden changed a rule preventing federal funding of abortion organizations

US President Joe Biden Cancel The ban, requested by his predecessor Donald Trump, on spending federal funds for international NGOs practicing abortion, or even just providing information about it. The rule known as the “Mexico City Politics”, Was introduced By Trump in 2017. Before that, Was introduced From Ronald Reagan’s administration in 1985 and then always divided Republicans, who lean toward anti-abortion positions, and Democrats: Bill Clinton repealed it in 1993, George W. Bush brought it back in 2001 and Barack Obama repealed it again in 2009.

The “Mexico City Policy” was called this name because it was announced during the United Nations International Population Conference held in Mexico City in 1984. However, its opponents call it another name, which is the “global muzzle rule”, literally the “global rule of restriction”, because it affects Also, organizations that do not practice abortion directly but are limited to providing information about women. According to opponents of the law, one effect of the “Mexico City policy” is the increase in the number of clandestine (and often dangerous) abortions because even media campaigns about contraceptives are affected.

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Biden Has decided Also, reviewing some of the rules, which Trump has always wanted, that prohibit the disbursement of certain funds even to US clinics that provide information on abortion.

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