Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

James Earl Carter- Image Credits: Web
James Earl Carter- Image Credits: Web

James Earl CarterJimmy, born in GYorgya The October 1, 1924. A former U.S. Army and politician, Carter was the 39 President of the United States of America From 1977 to 1981.

The future president studied and graduated from the Maryland Naval Academy. A few years later, he worked inside serving submarines United States Navy. After his father’s death, he left his military job and took over his family’s farm.

Jimmy Carter - Image Credits: Web
Jimmy Carter – Image Credits: Web

Carter to the government of Georgia

Returning to his hometown, Carter threw himself into politics and became a 76 Governor of Georgia January 12, 1971. From this point on, Carter had positioned himself as a vigilant and pioneer.

He has built his government on environmental issues by promoting one Energy policy That encouraged new technologies. He developed the use of alternative energy sources, such as rooftop solar panels White House.

He also conducted a socially conscious policy. He openly despised them Racial barriers It provided equal government funding to both the rich and the poor schools. It has also established community centers for children with disabilities and increased educational programs for prisoners. Additionally, he has upgraded Merit In awarding promotions to state judges and government officials.

Jimmy Carter as President of the United States - Image Credits: Web
Jimmy Carter as President of the United States – Image Credits: Web

Toward the White House

His image as an uncompromising politician and his moral campaign favored his victory over the Republican president Gerald Ford. It was exactly January 20, 1977 That Carter takes office in the White House.

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Carter ascended to the presidency of the United States of America. The kind of government focused on environmental and social issues followed the foundation Department of Energy And the Department of Education.

Despite some notable international successes, the global situation deteriorated towards Late seventiesIt puts his political career in trouble. This resulted in doubts and inconsistencies that wasted her popularity in the country. It was a difficult time for the US economy. Carter tried to contain the rise in prices, but was unable to do anything in the face of the high unemployment rate.

Jimmy Carter Auggie - Image Credits: Web
Jimmy Carter Auggie – Image Credits: Web

After the chair

In November 1980, Carter was defeated in the Republican presidential election Ronald Reagan. After his term ends, he will carry out important diplomatic assignments. Through the establishment The Carter Center, It promoted human rights advocacy, the abolition of the death penalty, and economic and social development in the most deprived countries. His commitment earned him the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize. Jimmy Carter, today at the age of 95 years old He holds the Medal of the longest serving former President of the United States.

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