Jill Morris interview with Rafael Trombetta

by Paolo Ricci Petti

The fables from Campania of the Italian ambassador in London, Raffaele Trombetta, and the very British wishes of the UK ambassador in Rome, Jill Morris, the Welshman, a great sports fan: 24 hours before the final Euro 2020 between Italy and England in a playground Wembley The challenge is on the edge of diplomacy as Roberto’s team awaits the match Mancini and Gareth Southgate. Trombetta will be on the field with President Mattarella, while the Ambassador will remain at Villa Wolkonski’s residence as she invited British and Italian friends alike to light the third half after the match in rugby style: winners and losers who toast the unforgettable match regardless of the outcome. Here is the great double interview by @UKinItaly.

Euro 2020, today Italy and Wales: Wales from Italy, from Ambassador Jill Morris to Rugby by Stephen Varney and Terry Holmes

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