Jeep Wrangler: Half-Door Officially Introduced

pocket I decided to introduce a new standard feature for Icon in the US Jeep Wrangler Which promises to deliver a “different driving experience”. Let’s talk about the possibility of adding semi-doors as an alternative to standard doors. Like My choiceIt was recently announced that the windows are lowered even more, giving occupants more freedom in the open air and better visibility when driving off-road.

Half doors option starts at $ 2,350 a Wrangler Two doors and can be selected directly during configuration in the same body colors. The good news is that the sample purchased will still come with regular doors along with half-doors that can be used both off-road and off-road. This new option is available on the Sport, Rubicon, Sahara, Rubicon 392 and 4xe versions of the vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler Half Door
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon four and a half doors

Jeep Wrangler: The automaker has officially announced half-doors

Half doors can be replaced quickly using the same hinges and electrical connections as regular doors. This means it also works with electric mirrors, blind spot detection, electric locks, and more. The windows are made of plastic and do not rise or fall but can be inserted into or pulled out completely without tools.

pocket It states that windows are weatherproof and can be ordered to match the soft basic or premium ceiling available for Jeep Wrangler. The doors are made of the same steel structure as standard doors and are covered by a warranty 3 Months / 36,000 miles in case of new vehicles.

A spokesperson for the US automaker said that the new option is only available for the latest generation of SUVs. As for pricing, the basic version costs $ 2,350 (€ 1933) for the two-door model and $ 3995 (€ 3,286) for the four-door model, while the premium version costs $ 2550 (€ 2,097) and $ 4,395, respectively. (3,615 euros).

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