Jeep Compass test, specifications, opinions and dimensions 1.5 Turbo T4 S DDCT

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there Jeep CompassHe, along with the younger Renegade, brought the new mechanic to his beginning hybrid 48 volts which will also be used by Alfa Romeo Tonale (whose orders should start in April); the name of the thing hybridIt combines the characteristics of light hybrids with those of other full hybrids. The system consists of a new 1.5 turbocharged engine with direct gasoline injection (injected into all four cylinders at a pressure of up to 350 bar), and runs on the Miller cycle: compared to the more common Otto cycle, it keeps the exhaust valves open for longer while the pistons rise to reduce pumping effort and thus energy wasted. The 1.5 engine runs together (or alternately) with a 20-hp electric unit, linked to a dual-clutch automatic gearbox and powered by a 0.8 kWh lithium-ion battery placed under the central tunnel. Not only does the current engine support a 1.5 in starting and firing, as is usually the case in light hybrids, but at low speeds and short distances, it can get the car moving on its own (the gasoline engine remains off) completely. hybrids.

In fact, in our testing, we checked how to gently depress the accelerator pedal when starting parking maneuvers and Jeep Compass E-Hybrid The electric only runs for a few tens of metres, up to about 30 km/h, before a 1.5 restart. The latter, again to reduce consumption, stops working and separates from the wheels when the throttle is released, allowing the car to “cruise” as if it were in neutral. The hybrid system includes a second, smaller electric unit, connected to the 1.5 by a belt: it acts as a starter motor and makes the input of the other two motors much smoother.

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The outside and the inside don’t change

Mechanics aside Jeep Compass E-Hybrid It’s still the one that was updated a year ago (here First contact), with all-new standard LED headlights for all trim levels, the typical Jeep grille with vertical elements and, in general, the squared-off look that makes it look like a miniature Grand Cherokee. The passenger compartment is emphasized spacious and well finished, with an elegant dashboard intersected by a quilted strip of eco-leather and a satin element. The clear, configurable digital instrument panel matches the 10.1-inch cantilever display (standard for the S) for the refined multimedia system. Among the many options, such as managing some features of the car from the smartphone, we add information about the hybrid system: it displays the activity of the engines in real time and provides statistics on the kilometers traveled only with electricity and the amount of energy recovered. At idle and “sailing”. As for the box, the capacity does not break the record; Compared to only gasoline or diesel versions, the Jeep Compass 1.5 T4 loses a few liters, stopping at 424 instead of 438 (on the sofa, the value is respectively 1270 and 1387 liters).

Andante con brio

Rotation between drives Jeep Compass 1.5 T4 S DDCT, operated by electronics, is almost imperceptible and facilitates a smooth and lively ride: already at 1500 rpm a good value of torque is available, equal to 240 Nm. Precise steering and the right consistency, combined with a rather rigid suspension, it instills safety, It provides all the necessary flexibility and wide road margins (preferred by the generous footprint of the 235/45 R 19 tyres). However, in the more obvious holes and bumps, some jerks should be considered.

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Dual Clutch Transmission for Jeep Compass 1.5 T4 S DDCT It gently engages seven gears and only shows some limits in great driving: it’s not always ready to shift ratios, and sometimes it keeps a low gear for too long, unnecessarily accelerating at 1.5 (which gets boisterous) when it’s already given everything. Manual mode can only be managed by moving the lever in the tunnel back and forth (the “paddles” on the steering wheel are missing), while the electronic auto shut-off button is used to facilitate shooting vitality: it prevents operation only with electric mode, so as to use all the battery power to support 1.5.

Not 4×4, but…

there Jeep Compass E-Hybrid There is only front-wheel drive, but it is still a jeep: a spacious minimum ground clearance of 20 cm allows you to pass with a certain ease even on very rough surfaces. As for consumption, at the end of the test, the on-board computer indicated about 12 km / l: a significant difference from the 17.5 declared by the manufacturer, but, pending more thorough checks on our test methods, it must be said that we encountered the Brio even on the roads Mountainous, and on the highway we drove at the maximum permissible speed. In the latter case, the Jeep Compass 1.5 T4 S DDCT proved to be comfortable: sound insulation was taken care of and Level 2 semi-autonomous driving systems were effective (which, for 150 euros, includes lane centering).

the new Jeep Compass 1.5 T4 DDCT Already on sale with prices starting at 36,200 euros for the Longitude aircraft, with standard automatic emergency braking that is also activated in front of cyclists and pedestrians, wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, dual-zone air conditioning and 17″ alloy wheels. Among the six trim levels In the test, the S is the most expensive: at 43,450 euros, it also includes adaptive cruise control, navigator, electrically adjustable leather seats, power tailgate and 19-inch wheels.

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In our opinion

> cockpit. It is spacious and well equipped.
> Driving assistance. Practically nothing is missing, not even a Level 2 semi-independent guide.
> multimedia system. Modern and intuitive, it offers many features.

> trunk. It is not the most spacious in this category.
> exchange. It’s not climbing ready, and it doesn’t have steering wheel levers for manual use.
> Engine noise. Its obvious and annoying acceleration.

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