Japan and Australia sign historic ‘anti-China’ defense pact – Corriere.it

Relations between Canberra and Tokyo have strengthened in the face of Beijing’s military and economic ambitions in the Indo-Pacific region

Japan and Australia signed Thesis “Historical” which strengthens them defense cooperation, ensuring its own regional stability As China continues to expand its military and economic influence. Although the Prime Minister of Australia Scott MorrisonSpeaking before the signing, Beijing did not mention that the treaty is viewed by everyone as another major step in the Strengthening relations between Canberra and Tokyo in the face of China’s ambitions In the Indo-Pacific region.

Ahead of the online summit with its counterpart Japanese Fumio KishidaThe Prime Minister described this agreement as “a confirmation of the commitment of the two peoples.” Working together to address strategic security challenges Shared and contribute to a secure and stable Indo-Pacific. This historical treatise will provide for the first time a clear picture of the person Greater interoperability and collaboration between our two strengths”. Morrison added that the partnership reflects “our shared values, our commitment to democracy and human rights, and our shared interests in the open and resilient Indo-Pacific.”

Jan 6 2022 (change on Jan 6 2022 | 06:57)

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