Jamaica wants 7 billion pounds from the United Kingdom: “compensation ..

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Kingston, 13 pieces – Jamaica plans to seek compensation from the UK for the Atlantic slave trade in the former British colony. This was announced by a government official.

Jamaica, see you soon petition

The Jamaica He will petition that could result in multi-billion-pound resettlement: Just the right legal strategy is in place, according to Olivia Grange, Jamaica’s Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture. Minister said Jamaica hopes for “restorative justice in all its forms” To repair the damage our ancestors suffered. All of the former British colonies in the Caribbean participated in the slave trade, but only Jamaica would demand compensation. This decision comes a decade after Carabian communityregional organization, Compensation claim from Great Britain, France and the Netherlands in 2013.

Compensation is already late.

Jamaica was a center of the slave trade, first with the Spaniards, then the British. “Our African ancestors were forced out of their homes and subjected to unprecedented atrocities in Africa to perform forced labor for the British Empire,” Grange added, adding: “Reparation is too late.”

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