Jakarta Nations Cup 2023 Elimination: Fidanza 4a

Iya Hashimoto, Jakarta 2023 Nations Cup Elimination Winner © Uci Track Cycling

Just two weeks after the premier European Championship in Grenchen, the first phase of the World Cup kicks off in Jakarta, Indonesia (oops: Nations Cup) 2023 on the track. Italy sent a selection without most of the bearers (after all, transport is not the easiest from a logistical point of view for those departing from Europe; for the southern hemisphere the destination is certainly more comfortable, and in fact scores many excellent performances by the national teams of the countries located below the equator), 8 men and 5 women By orders of Marco Villa and Ivan Quaranta.

The first competitions held were those in teams. Not great results for the Azzurri in the pursuit: they were eliminated yesterday in the playoffs The male quartet formed by Liam Bertazzo, Davide Boscaro, Francesco Lamon and Michele Scartezzini (3’55” 411 valid for the ninth time, first of the disqualified), the woman is better than Martina Fidanza, Silvia Zanardi, Valentina Basilico and Lara Cristanello just yesterday she broke up the eighth pass in the qualifier (4’24” 163) to then worsen to 4’28” 455 today in the first innings against Ireland.

The women’s race was then won by New Zealand (Michaela Drummond, Ally Wollaston, Briony Botha and Emily Sherman), who beat France (Victoire Bertoux, Clara Cobony, Valentin Fortin, Marion Porras) for first with 4’08” 440.4’12” 846), while Great Britain closed out at No. 3 after defeating Australia in the final. Danish success among men: Tobias Hansen, Robben Skyfield, Karl Fredrik Beefort and Rasmus Pedersen (3’49 “210 vs. 349” 954) beat New Zealanders from Aaron Jett, Campbell Stewart, Daniel Bridgewater and Nicholas Kirgozo de Boisiere, and here also the third place from Great Britain’s rights over Australia .

The speed sector is big here The challenge between the Netherlands and Australia Between the men, the Orangemen (Harry Lafraesen, Geoffrey Hoagland and Roy van den Bergh, wordless) had to concede badly – an irreparable split – against the Aussie.Rising star Matthew Richardson, in a trilogy with Thomas Cornish and Lee Hoffman. 42″ 599 the time of the winners, which is 48″ 734 the time of the losers who didn’t actually run. France is in third place over Japan. Italy is only 19th in the qualifiers with Daniele Napolitano, Stefano Minotta and Stefano Moro (45 “822 their time), but this matter was directly absent among the women … Fifth time in the qualifiers: after beating France in the first round, in the final Leia Sophie Friedrich, Pauline Sophie Grabusch and Emma Haines beat China’s Bao Shanguo, Gu Yuefang and Yuan Liying (46″ 613 vs. 46” 755) for Great Britain’s place over the Netherlands.

The other races that day were the exclusion: between men Japan defeats Iya Hashimoto ahead of Belgian Jules Hester and Dutchman Yoweri Havick, no more than twelfth ahead of Michel Scartezzini; Definitely Martina Fidanza’s best in the women’s event, as she finished fourth behind New Zealand’s Allie Wollaston, Britain’s Nie Evans and Dutch Marit Raig Makers.

Martina will seek revenge tomorrow, along with Silvia Zanardi in Madison (Denmark, Great Britain, New Zealand and second Australia, France, Czech Republic and Japan are the pairs to beat); Davide Boscaro will participate in the Omnium, but he’ll take on the task of qualifying first (a points race to finish among the top 12 out of 17 entrants: an easy task considering there are so many outsiders, but woe to it underestimated anyway) before getting to the official race. Miriam Vece will try to advance as far as possible in the Speed ​​tournament (which will end during the day), while Daniele Napolitano and Stefano Moro will participate in the Big Kirin tournament (8 qualifying rounds).

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