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As everyone knows by now, Google has decided to shut down its internal teams Stadia, Game streaming platform. The service will only support third parties. This is sad news that astonished many, but there is an incredible truth according to a report by Kotaku. The internal team was praised for their work just five days before the shutdown. Currently, Jade Raymond shared Kotaku’s article: Is this a confirmation?

But let’s start from the beginning. On January 27, 2021, or five days before Google Stadia internal teams close, Phil Harrison wrote an internal email Which read “[Stadia Games and Entertainment] I have made great progress by building a diverse and talented team, and creating a solid collection of games exclusive to Stadia. We will confirm the investment plan for the SG&E strategy soon, and by publishing it we will inform the SG&E department about 2021 and the key objectives and results to be achieved. ”

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Jade Raymond: Ex-president of Google Stadia Games

After the employees are convinced of their position, they will receive the closing announcement at the same time with the press and the users. Obviously, we can’t know if this is all true as Google has not and will not comment on the matter. Now, though, Jade Raymond shares Kotaku’s article. Although nothing has been written, It is impossible not to take this action as a confirmation.

Raymond definitely didn’t like what happened with Google Stadia, as you can tell from the farewell message. Finally we point out that Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda is one of the reasons why the first-party waived Google Stadia according to the latest rumors.

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