Jacob Chansley, better known as Jake Angeli, one of the leaders of the attack on the United States Congress was captured

On Saturday, January 9th, Jacob Anthony Chansley, a protester who described himself as a “lawn movement shaman” was arrested – a conspiracy theory Widespread Among the most extreme supporters of Donald Trump – among the leaders From the attack on Congress from the United States. Chansley, 33, whose name is Jake Angeli, was arrested on charges of misdemeanor and violent riot. He had declared himself in riots in Washington by entering Congress topless, with a fur hood and horns, a colored face and a spear with the American flag. After his arrest, he did not make any statements.

Italian newspapers had talked about Chancelli with great focus, The exchange The alias of his real name, H. Argues Without any evidence that he is of Italian origin: in the documents of the Ministry of Justice Yes quote Instead his nickname is noted that he is from Arizona.

Richard Barnett, the man who broke into the office of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was also arrested on Friday: he was photographed sitting in his chair with his feet on the table, looking at his things. Outside of Congress, Barnett like he said For a journalist from The New York Times Some documents were stolen.

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