Jack Savoriti: The Tour, Brexit and the Royal Family

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to me miracle was a guest on Fabio Canino And the LaLaura Songwriter Jack Savoriti.

LaLaura: “On this tour, you are touching places you have never visited before Europe

Jack Savoriti: “It has been a very strange years for everyone but for us in the music world in particular. We are going with the album”EuropeanaWhich came out nearly 2 years ago, and now we feel very lucky, after United kingdom And the rest of Europe will be the grand finale here in Italy.”

Fabio Canino: “What surprised you the most about this tour?”

Jack Savoriti: “Maybe he’ll be one of the first then Close. I forgot the horror one feels before going on stage…we were in it Wales And the amazing thing is that I have never met a Welsh man who cannot sing, as they say because the voice is the only free instrument.”

Fabio Canino: “Jack, we ask our listeners if they have anyone they need to make up for. Do you have someone or something to come to terms with?”

Jack Savoriti: “I was going to say, as a cliche, to myself. But we were talking before Genoa And I have to reconcile with them for two nights.”

Italian tour dates

Jacques Savoriti will be in a tour in Italia On the following dates:

  • Monday December 5 in Padova, Gran Teatro Geox
  • Tuesday 6 December in Genoa, the Carlo Felice Theater
  • Thursday, December 8 in Rome, Parco della Musica – Sala Sinopoli
  • Saturday 10 December in Florence, Teatro Verdi
  • Monday December 12 in Milan, Teatro degli Arcimboldi
  • Tuesday December 13 in Bologna, the Europauditorium
  • Thursday 15 December in Assisi, Lyric Theater
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Savoriti and the royal family

LaLaura: “These have been difficult months for England, how is the new king seen?”

Jack Savoriti: “I don’t think anyone has felt the new king yet, but there is a very big lack of it. Queen Elizabeth IINot only in England but all over the world. He was an outstanding figure who represented a sense of duty not found in today’s leaders. It was a very sad moment for us, I was touched too.”

Fabio Canino: “But I read that you two are friends from a royal family…”

Jack SavoritiA friend is a big word.

Fabio Canino: “I read that you even call each other”

Jack Savoriti: “We spoke with William last Tuesday, I have to say Prince William, Because I am the ambassador of his charitable project to preserve nature.

Fabio Canino: “But when he calls you on your mobile, does ‘William’ appear?

Jack Savoriti: “Just W…”

Fabio Canino: “But you are also a friend Henry? “

Jack Savoriti: “No, but I met him once because I played at an event where they played polo and let’s say he played the night before that, while we were all talking, he said ‘I can’t wait to run away and go to McDonald’s'”

his songs

LaLaura: “Katya, one of our listeners, tells us this by listening to what she has to say songs He has a sense of hearing texts written in Italian and music in English.”

Jack Savoriti: “It’s not a wrong remark. I’ve always been fascinated by the Italian way of writing, in fact I’m trying to beat my Italian by learning how to write as an author, not as a singer”

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Fabio Canino: “It is no coincidence that your father always put out cassette tapes BaptistsAnd the De AndreI grew up on bread and songbooks.”

Jack Savoriti: “I also grew up seeing the effect these words had on a person. My dad was the strength to me, he was a superhero, but he fell apart with some songs and operas”

his own story

Fabio Canino: “Your story is a bit like a movie, a bit like a sliding door. For those who don’t know Pope Jack was Italian, that was good witness from U.S theft That is why he felt threatened and moved with the whole family to England. It’s a strange story.”

Jack Savoriti: “I have to say that everyone in my family has some great stories and I think all families have these stories, just go and ask”

LaLaura: “Your grandfather was a partisan, and your mother’s parents are of Polish-Jewish descent, you really are a European Jack”

Jack Savoriti: “This album is called Europeana”

Britain’s exit from the European Union

LaLaura: “Unfortunately, Brexit happened to you, how’s it going?”

Jack Savoriti: “We have a lot of problems, which is ridiculous. Business travelers have a lot of problems, apart from the costs. After this tour, I can’t go back on vacation to see the family because I will use the days available to stay here, we’ve come to the point, it’s It’s really ridiculous. In England, and not just in London, there is a lack of students and young people coming and going and it’s very sad.”

closing period

LaLaura: “I thank you publicly because during lockdown there was your daily piano rendezvous live Instagram It helped us a lot.”

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Jack Savoriti: “As I told you, he helped me more than others. During this tour, people came after the show to thank me not so much for my songs but for the entertainment I provided during covid!”

LaLaura: “Our listeners suggest that you take your Italian passport to avoid the problems we talked about earlier with Brexit”

Jack Savoriti: “I have been waiting for an appointment with the Italian Embassy in England for two years”

Fabio Canino: “Sorry, you can call William!”

Jack Savoriti: “You know I never thought of that? W!”

Listen to the full interview:

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