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IUBILAEUM ORONTIANUM LYCIENSE. More evidence of fidelity in the United States

In the past, we had already considered, in these pages, one of the more interesting but less explored aspects of the Orunziana question, the cult of the martyr Apollo in the United States (Read).

Our investigation revealed that, at least in Connecticut, in the area between my two cities BristolAnd HartfordAnd new sanctuaryAnd Waterbury NS Windsor LocksExtreme devotion to the saint was witnessed in the late nineteenth century. and the first half of the twentieth century. The figure of the patron saint of Salento was brought abroad by Torresian immigrants who at that time formed large communities in the eastern North American lands. As reported by the local press there is Saint Oronzo Communities (The “Saint Oronzo Society”), true fraternities that were interested in maintaining a strong bond with Apulia between the immigrants and their children born in the New World, promoting the cult of the saint and above all organizing the festive procession with his mimic, authentic Happen or occur From the end of August festivities. We repeat that, according to what the historian writes Montemerlo mile, that they even assumed the same traits of grandeur as the beautiful festivals which the Irish had dedicated to their famous patron, Saint Patrick († 461). Unfortunately, over time, the American authorities, ideologically hostile to Catholicism and eager to completely eliminate newcomers from the motherland, imposed increasingly strict restrictions on such religious events. And so it was that Saint Oronzo Society They died and no longer celebrates the memory of the martyr.

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However, in those parts, in America, not everything is gone. It looks really amazing but in Mary’s Church from Windsor Locks To this day, besides emulating the more modern and famous saints of the Catholic Church, the statue of Saint Auronzo has also been preserved and displayed for the veneration of believers. The picture, which is undoubtedly a copy of the statues kept in the churches of the Ascension of Christ and the Help of Christians in Tori, the martyr is shown in the typical clothing of the Bishop of Tridentine even if he did not have the cross, it is likely to be missing. The presence of the two little angels can only be a clear reference to the famous painting Giovanni Andrea Coppola (1597-1659), recognized as the official Auronzian icon.

Thanks d. Egidio Buccino, Archivist of the Mother Church of Torre, and Dr. Paul Joseph Dinoya, Bristol (CT-USA) resident, for this very nice collaboration. The venerable portraits of Sant’Oronzo at St Mary’s Chapel at Windsor Locks are owned by Dr. Jerry Dougherty.

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