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CIn just a few steps, and in a short time, the institutions were restored to their rightful place. The Constitutional Court clarified, after twenty years of jurisprudence, that all measures aimed at combating the epidemic fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the state, because they are related to international prevention. Now we know what the balance is between the country and the regions and who is responsible for making the decisions. The government has realized that in cases of extraordinary urgency and necessity, the decree-law is the tool to be used. With the transfer of the decree-law, the House of Representatives, which has remained outside the door, has resumed its role in fighting the epidemic.

The chief military logistics expert was in charge of the vaccination campaign, Any planning, movement and maintenance of the armed forces, which, according to NATO, includes design, development, acquisition, storage, transportation, distribution, maintenance, evacuation and disposal of materials, transportation, housing and personnel provision, possession or construction, maintenance, management and disposal of facilities, obtaining or providing services, and medical support And healthy. Who can do better?

Returning to Constitution, Paolo Armaroli wrote in a book just released, Titled Dragon effect. Republic transformation(Lucca, La Villa), with an introduction by Enzo Chile.

Indeed, the Italian legal system, under the pressure of the epidemic, He had the power to correct the mistakes that were made and democracy showed once again its ability to recover, recognize the unity of the republic over regional peculiarities, give space for the representatives of the people (parliament) in managing the conflict of the epidemic and resort to the executive structures of the state specialized in managing complexity.

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There are still many urgent tasks. And there is a risk, always present in every government, that urgent tasks will take over the important ones, while it is necessary to know how to graft the long-term action, looking far ahead, on the short-term action. Most important concerns of the National Health Service. Health must be taken care of, so that the health of Italians can be cured.

The sanitary service has held up well. But the difficulties of the pandemic exacerbated the symptoms of the disease that were highlighted just two months before the virus was detected. On December 2, 2019, the Parliamentary Budget Office published a report on the state of health in Italy. A year ago, the report highlighted three imbalances between regions, those between the hospital and local healthcare system, and the supply and demand for public healthcare. The report highlights the gap in the quantity and quality of services provided by each region, as well as the lack of uniform compliance across the region with basic levels of assistance. It has produced insufficient benefits and high passive mobility from the southern regions to Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Tuscany, with the result that the request for health protection goes from south to north and southern regions fund health services in the state. Northern regions.

Therefore, the epidemic has exacerbated existing and already reported difficulties. It put pressure on the health service, forcing it to postpone the treatment of many other diseases, some of them serious, and highlighting regional differences, increasing the gap between the hospital system and the network of general practitioners, those in primary care (whose ranks are already expected). Several releases in the coming year), which makes ties between the center and the periphery of the health service creak. Moreover, once the special period of the epidemic ends, in which the state has the exclusive power to dictate the rules, the problem of competition between the state and regions in health matters will again arise, which may exacerbate the tension of the center and the periphery. Regional relationships and differences.

These are tasks that must be addressed immediately, even if results appear within a few years. And that it be dealt with in the right perspective, that is, starting from the demand for health care, and not from the number of doctors to be absorbed. Americans say put the customer first, start with the user’s needs. In fact, there are no departments to give employees a place, but to provide a service to citizens.

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