It’s the World Cup between Milan and Juventus: the beginning of Qatar

Milan – Today at 6 pm in San Siro the “most international” match in the First Division will be played. Yes why After forty-three days, the Kermes World Championships will start in Qatar With the challenge between the host country and Ecuador and between 832 players who will be in 32 teams, The two most represented teams in the league will be AC ​​Milan and Juventus. That night they will compete in front of 70,000 spectators and pass spectators at San Siro heading to exhaustion, a match that will be broadcast just like the World Cup around the world, from Indonesia to Brazil, and from Japan to Trinidad Tobago for more information. from 150 connected countries. Milan and Juventus will send to Qatar, if there are no other injuries or sudden exceptions, between 20 and 23 players, depending on the choices of the coaches and the recovery of two of the players who are currently in the hole and who hope to return in exchange for only. Half of November, that’s Alexis Saelemakers in Milan (for Belgium) and of course Paul Pogba with Juventus (and France).

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Chelsea-Milan, Rossoneri report cards: Di Kitilari is a ghost, Tomori is not in the evening

AC Milan-Juventus, “The World” Challenge

With Italy unfortunately at home, it is too France is the national team with the most representation in both teams. Milan has three main elements in the selection of Deschamps, namely Minyan (who is also currently injured and will return in the second half of October), Theo Hernandez and Giroud; While in Juventus in addition to Pogba there is Rabiot. France, who are in Group D in Qatar, will face Denmark in Kjaer on November 26. The central player is actually one of the nine Milan players who have made sure they go to the World Cup. The others, in addition to the aforementioned French, are Ballo-Touré (Senegal), Dest (US), Tomori (England), Leao (Portugal) and De Ketelaere (Belgium) who can be accompanied by the aforementioned Saelemaekers and Origi , occasionally in the group coach Roberto Martinez who should contact him. With all three Belgians called up, the Rossoneri’s forces will increase to 11 unitsOne less than Juventus if Pogba returns in time to convince Deschamps. At that point, the Juventus team will be 12 and, in addition to the French, Vinovo will leave in mid-November Szczesny and Milek (Poland), Alex Sandro, Bremer and Danilo (Brazil), Kostik and Vlahovic (Serbia), and DI. Maria and Paredes (Argentina) and McKinney (USA).

Di Maria and Double Rabiot offer: Juventus folds Maccabi

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Di Maria and Double Rabiot offer: Juventus folds Maccabi

The drawback is the Scudetto

Obviously, the more the national teams progress for these players, the worse it gets Pioli and Allegri who will lose them for the longestWith all the ensuing physical wear and tear given the second half of the season. In this sense, it would be better for Napoli and Inter to lose 6 and 8 players at most, respectively. Staying in the Champions League zone, 6 potential teams for Atalanta, 5-6 for Roma and 2 for Lazio. What is the inspiration of Udinese? At most, if coach Scaloni decides to call up defender Nihuen Perez in Argentina, who was called up during the last leg, but not yet a fixed point in the Silesian.

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