“It’s putting Solskjaer in trouble.”

Manchester, UK) – Solskjaer needs to talk to Ronaldo and clarify some of his behaviour. Gary NevilleThe former Manchester United flag commented on the behavior of the Portuguese champion at the end of the match with Laverton, the protagonist was in a scene that provokes discussion. CR7, As he walked with his head down towards the changing rooms, he was photographed muttering: “talk to himself Neville continued to use Sky Sports’ microphonesAsk questions in the air. You can see that he was angry, but at whom? When Ronaldo does not win and does not score, he gets angry, but certain things need to be done and explained in the dressing room. Not in front of the cameras..

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The tabloids praise Ronaldo, the decisive in the Champions League

Neville on Ronaldo: “He puts pressure on the coach”

Neville is so embarrassed To the former Juventus striker. “He wanted to play the starter, he was angry he didn’t score, he was disappointed with the team failing to win, but there is no need to show that too much. Behavior like that does nothing but put more pressure, not only on the environment but also To the technician: Doing so only increases pressure on Solskjaer.” Neville hopes for an immediate clarification between two. “I think Ronaldo is smart enough to understand that this should not be done. I think it will happen again not to score and not to play all the matches, so this has to be resolved before it happens again.”

Solskjaer and Ronaldo goal in the last minute: "He is always in the game"

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Solskjaer and Ronaldo goal in the last minute: “He’s always in the game”

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