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Serious problem for Luis Adriano, Who is involved in an episode that stirs up a scandal in Brazil. attacker Palm trees, Who also played in Italy in a Milan jersey from 2015 to 2017, tested positive on April 1 Coronavirus disease For the second time in two months. However, not even the epidemic and home quarantine could stop the Brazilian, who left his home anyway to accompany his mother to the supermarket.

Louise Adriano violates quarantine: the accident with a cyclist

“I have already contracted this virus, and I am completely asymptomatic – Day explained Instagram But the club’s rules are clear.. Unfortunately for Luiz Adriano, his problems were just beginning: while he was waiting in the car park Bourbon Shopping Center, San Paulo – Right next to the Allianz Stadium, where he plays Palmeiras – the striker had a car accident. Yesterday I went to the supermarket at the shopping center to take my mother who could not drive without leaving the car and always wearing the mask. But I had an accident in which there was someone Bicycle He collided with the car at the parking exit. I was always wearing the mask and away, but I couldn’t help but offering help For the person who has had an accident. Everyone is fine, but I shouldn’t have left the house I was wrong, I acknowledge!”.

Palmeiras, fine for Lex Milan, Luis Adriano

“We live in difficult times, we must all be attentive and respectful Security Protocols. We can always help in some way, and basically, to recognize our mistakes and learn from them. ” Luis Adriano concludes on Instagram. But excuses are not enough. Palmeiras has already announced that he will take internal action and the player will FinedAccording to a statement issued by the club, “Sanctions will be diverted to donations of basic food baskets.”

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