It’s hard to counter the force of the wind

An extraordinary achievement by Italian rider Max Biaggi who drove his Voxan Wattman over 450 km/h in the United States, breaking 21 world speed records for electric motorcycles.

Max Biaggi He was always accustomed to speed, or better, as he says “Speed ​​is the other halfBut this time, the Romanian driver overtook himself, hit and touched him Speed never arrived before. Although during his long career he has ridden on top-tier racing cars in the World Championship (first 500cc and then MotoGP) and later with superbikes, the speeds he has achieved since he embarked on the challenge with Voxan Motors have nothing to do with it. See with the above experience.

In fact, last November 22 in the United States in Kennedy Space Center In Florida, the four-time 250cc world champion and two-time Superbike World Champion, aged 50, He rode his Voxan Wattman electric motorcycle, reaching a speed of 455.737 km/h (283.182 mph) beating well 21 different world speed records (including those in kilometer, mile, and quarter mile, with fairing installed, no cruise, standing start and flying start) and above all very prestigious in the chapter devoted to “Partial pneumatic electric motorcycles under 300kg“.

So Max Biagi did better than last October 30 when his electric motorcycle heavier than the world records achieved 11 after bringing his race car to 408 km/h. Now Corsaro has put one in the pipeline New job Humming at a NASA spacecraft launch facility is well above 450 km/h. Something unbelievable The Roman knight did not announce it until several days later with some posts on his social profiles filled with very eloquent phrases, among them certainly: “It’s hard to counter the force of the wind“Which perhaps most important of all gives an idea of ​​what it means to reach those incredible speeds.

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