It’s great how this way of using parsley fights water retention and keeps us healthy

Parsley is one of the ingredients most commonly used in cooking. In pasta or main dishes, parsley matches perfectly with fish-based dishes that have both its flavor and aroma.

The strong flavor and ease of availability make it indispensable in the kitchen, whatever recipe we want to prepare. In addition, many people used to grow it at home, thus avoiding buying it from the supermarket. There are two types, the leaves are curly and the leaves are smooth, the latter being the most cultivated and consumed in Italy. It is very easy to take care of, but remember it is still one the plant Which needs moisture and for this reason should be watered frequently. However, it is known that it can survive even in fairly harsh climatic conditions and this makes it a completely special plant.

A sheet of paper with a thousand properties

Not only is parsley good and fragrant, but it has many properties that are very important to our well-being.

First of all, it contains large amounts of Vitamin C with known antioxidant and protective action for the body. On the other hand, parsley has been shown to stimulate appetite and digestion and thus ensure gut health.

However, not everyone knows that parsley has both purifying and drying effects that make it ideal for combating water retention. But not only. Its properties are also known to regulate the menstrual cycle, thanks to the presence of Apiolo Which stimulates its flow.

So let’s see how to use it in the kitchen in a different way than usual but very simple.

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It’s great how this way of using parsley fights water retention and keeps us healthy

We are talking about decoction of parsley. It is a specific herbal tea obtained through a decoction that we can easily prepare at home. All we need is about 5 grams of dried parsley root and 150 ml of water. Let the water boil with the root for ten minutes, and once the fire is turned off, let it steep for 10 minutes. It is at this stage that we filter the water and the decoction is ready. We can drink it plain or sweeten it with honey. In this case, the double effect of parsley and honey would be an explosion of aromas, flavors and luxury.

It’s great how this way of using parsley fights water retention and keeps us healthy by leaving an incredible feeling of freshness and lightness.

The decoction is not suitable for pregnant women and of course we advise anyone to follow the advice of a doctor based on their health condition.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings for this article, which they can refer Who is the”)

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