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It’s going to be a hot weekend in Australia, temperatures expected to reach 50°C” 3B Meteo

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Warm December record expected in Australia In the next few days Australia will be divorced The hottest place on the planet, especially at the beginning of the weekend when the file intense heat wave He will cross the entire continent with a special focus on the northwestern sector. Beginning of summer meteorology For the Southern Hemisphere, it has already recorded above-average values ​​with peaks in recent days until 44°C in Western Australia and Queensland And not only in the desert area but also near the coastal area. From Thursday to Saturday worse and worse With isotherms at 1500m which will go from the current 25°C to 30/32°C. this means Additional heat gain up to 4-5°C compared to the day. pillar of fire You will go from the central sector towards the northwest, passing the entire desert area and finally to the coast. Alice Springs It can be located in the heart of the desert The hottest city in the world Friday when the maximum temperature can also touch I am 50 degrees Celsius. very very hot Port Hedland e wet On the northwest coast, here the maximums can exceed 44-45 ° C, sweltering heat even in Darwin In the northern territories with peaks reaching 41-42 ° C. Official Highest Temperature From the nation recorded in December was 49.9 °C at Nullarbor, In South Australia, in 2019, we’ll see if it register can be defeated. On the other hand, cities to the south and east like Perth won’t suffer much, MelbourneAdelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane which will reach a maximum of 30-32°C even with high levels of humidity and sometimes even some thunderstorms.

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