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“It’s better for us than in the UK? Soon to say”

Virologist Fabrizio Brigliasco said it was still too early to say Italy was in a better position than the UK.

Coronavirus infections are declining and so is the RT and incidence, but for Fabrizio Brigliasco it is still too early to say that the situation in Italy is better than that in the UK where daily recorded cases are around 30,000 with a three- figure fatality.


In an interview with Adnkronos, the expert explained that when there are temperature changes, when attendance is done and some time will pass since the opening of schools, “Winter will playHe continued: Every nation has Its own curve with different timing He manages the pandemic in a different way:For example, we may not even be able to tell which symptoms are asymptomatic, and anyway We’re still high, it’s not that they’re holding back“.

I pray for the UK: ‘We’ve been affected by the restrictions’

Brigliasco said that the decrease in indicators of the epidemiological situation and mortality should be associated with Precautionary options with more restrictions, which made the spread of the virus a little less than what happened in Great Britain where activities were opened earlier and they were more daring. “Until now, However, any human contact presents the potential for infection So the more contacts you have, the more infections you can get‘, he finished.

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