It’s amazing how an empty plastic bottle can save us from sunburn

At ProiezionidiBorsa, we have always sought to find solutions to our daily problems with treatments that we all have at home. Often times, nature or our supply of things allows us to treat the harms and problems that our daily life causes us.

Speaking of home, the two places we risk harming ourselves the most are the kitchen and the garden. Today we are talking about cooking. And it has a problem that runs in Italian families.

In particular, we want to focus on fried burns. In fact, in order to be able to fry any food, we have to wait for the oil to reach a very high temperature. However, doing so will lead to a chemical reaction. In fact, once we go to insert what we want to fry, we will notice that the oil is dripping from the pot.

In addition to getting a kitchen table dirty, it can also cause burns on the hand. There is not much to do about the first problem. However, we can do something about our burns. In fact, it’s amazing how an empty plastic bottle saves us from sunburn.


Let’s take a nice, naturally large plastic bottle. Instead of throwing it away, we take scissors and roughly cut it in half. In particular, we will be cutting it at the neck of the bottle which allows us to take it more easily. We’ll need a bottleneck. Let’s say the top of the bottle.

Next, let’s take any of it scoop Into the wood and insert it into the neck of the bottle. We will see, in fact, that if we hold the scoop with one hand, the bottle will protect our hands from splashes.

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Let’s try to see a practical case. Let’s fry some potatoes, and after putting them in oil, let’s stir them this way. We’ll cover our hand with the bottle but with the ability to cook, prepare and drain as well.

We will only have to change the ladle and take other kitchen gadgets. The process, however, is the same. In fact, it’s amazing how an empty plastic bottle saves us from sunburn.


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