It’s amazing but doing this simple body weight exercise is enough to train the whole body

Training at home is now a habit. With the exception of a few small arches, gyms have been closed for more than a year, except for professionals who participate in competitive sports.
For this reason, ProiezionidiBorsa’s team of experts have written several articles to provide helpful advice on how to stay in shape while staying at home. Strong, well-defined abdominal muscles, Toned arms And dry fitness we can actually get it through training in the living room. Just a little bit of good intention.

So let’s continue with our fitness advice. It’s amazing but doing this simple body weight exercise is enough to train the whole body!


Today we introduce the Burpees workout, which is a complete workout that encompasses the whole body, strengthens it, and threatens its tones. Plus, it burns a lot of calories and helps develop cardiovascular endurance.

There is no need for tools, the work of the free body is done. Here, then, another feature of the burpee, which can be done anywhere, at home or outside, for example in the garden now that the days are getting longer. The important thing is to always use a comfortable gym rug as support.

Tips for correct implementation

Let’s go through this stage to see how Burpees are performing. Like any exercise, Burpees must also be performed properly, otherwise you risk hurting yourself or injuring muscles and joints.

A) permanent starting position;

B) Bend the legs as if you were making one Squatting;

C) With a jump, bring both legs back to a position Waved. To do this gesture, you need to stimulate the heart or the muscles of the abdominal belt;

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D) Always raise the legs with a jump forward so that the feet are close to the hands;

E) Return to the starting position in an upright position with a jump.

It is important to check the gesture well. Especially in the beginning, it is better to do a little but well.


It’s amazing but doing this simple body weight exercise is enough to train the whole body. In fact, each burpee burns one calorie.

Burpees generally are not performed on a number of repetitions. Usually the time is specified, say 1 minute, and in this time frame you should perform as many exercises as possible.

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