It’s about to arrive and it will be the longest in the century! Also visible in part of Italy. Details »

Lunar eclipse: is about to arrive and will be the longest in the century! Also visible in part of Italy. the details

The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century Is Coming, And Almost AlsoMake a note of this date: Friday, November 19. will be todayLunar eclipse The longest of the century. In fact, until 2100 there won’t be another one that long, okay 3 hours 28 minutes 23 seconds.

Before going into the details of this remarkable phenomenon, let’s try to understand the meaning of “eclipse. A lunar eclipse is the phenomenon that occurs when the Earth enters between the sun and the moonAnd It blocks the starlight and thus casts a shadow cone on our satellite. It can only happen when the moon is full (and it will be on November 19), but it is more frequent than solar eclipses: on average, in fact, there are 2 to 4 of them each year.

But let’s get into the most interesting information of this astronomical event.
In fact, it will be on the 19th of November.”partial eclipse: The three celestial bodies will not form an exact straight line, but they will be slightly skewed. Our satellite will cover 97% (Very respectable coverage and approx total), but, unfortunately, the eclipse will not be visible throughout Italy: only Northern regions, NSUpper Tuscany that it Sardinia piece They will be very lucky.

The eclipse will start at 7 am (The moon is in the west, the sun rises in the east) and it will reach Peak about 9.
You can already guess that with the sun already high in the sky, it will be somewhat difficult to see the peak phase of the eclipse, but the fact remains that, at least initially, especially if the sky is clear or partly cloudy, it can be successfully observed.

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Curiosity’The full moon of November is called “beaver moon“By the Algonquian Native Americans, as this was the period when traps were set for these animals, whose fur was used to warm themselves from winter.

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