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It’s a record! Discover the deepest cave in Australia

A group of researchers, after a long and exhausting expedition, has discovered a cave that has become the deepest in Australia.

As if meteorites that fell in Australia weren’t enough, a team of experts conducted a 14-hour exploration, with several months of preparation, which led to the discovery The largest cave in Australia. This is called the “Delta Variable” and is connected to the Niggly/Growling Swallet Cave System northwest of Hobart.

Prior to this, to hold the record for the deepest known cave in Australia, the 397-meter Niggly Cave, accurately surpassing the delta variant with 401 meters. It was not an easy expedition, so much so that a group of speleologists, from the southern Tasmanian Caverners or the Hobart-based speleological organization, began the expedition at 11:00 on Saturday and concluded at “1:00 on Sunday.”

In addition, the team encountered adverse conditions due to rising water levels following the recent snowfall in the area. The peculiarity is the choice of the name, as the name indicates, the “delta variant” was chosen precisely because it was discovered during The changing era of COVID-19 Delta.

In each section of the cave they were instead They were given different namesThe first section has been named “Test Station Queue” because of its very annoying 300m zigzag, and the last section has instead taken the name “Freedom Day”, as a tribute to Melbourne during the voyage.

Speaking of caves, just these days, a massive chasm in the ground, over 200 meters deep, suddenly opened up in Chile. To this day the causes are unknown, but it is assumed that a nearby mine may have been involved.

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