It’s a plot to spy on us

Controversy erupted in England after it was revealed that at least five players from Southgate’s national team refused to be vaccinated against Covid: the reasons behind the decision are due to an unlikely conspiracy. According to footballers, a vaccine is the tool with which governments spy on people.

The England national team is in chaos over its refusal to vaccinate Of at least five players, three of them were present at the recent European Championships in which Southgate’s side were defeated by Italy in the final. Secret information published by the Sun newspaper stirs up British public opinion. Outside the channel we say that this case It puts England’s chances at risk in the next World Cup in Qatar, scheduled for December 2022, given that the organizers intend to ban the participation of unvaccinated people.

I No football players fax Of the Three National Lions presented a series of “nonsense” as reasons for their position. One claimed he was “small and fit” to be affected by the virus, which is clearly lying due to hospitalizations and deaths being counted daily in the UK as in the rest of the world. Another player rejected it after believing in “conspiracy theories” A vaccine is a tool that governments spy on people. In other cases, the decision not to vaccinate will be based on the strong will of fellow players, so there will be no vaccination fanatics.

Three of the vaccine opponents are “chain-awarded veterans who have had leadership roles in Europeans”, in short, notable names. They are expected to travel with the other two to Andorra next week as part of England’s “anti-Covid bubble” ahead of their next World Cup qualifier. The trip to the Pyrenees will coincide with the easing of travel restrictions for vaccinators. However, the five who are not vaxers are expected to receive a special exemption allowing them to train and play during quarantine. A move that could anger everyone else and distract the national team in light of the fact of that Southgate He personally participated in a vaccination campaign in July, saying in a video message to the country: “There is no doubt that the vaccination program is the best way out of this problemIn short, making exceptions now would raise the temperature even more.

Southgate also revealed that he received many shocking messages following his situation:Of all the things I was abused over the summer – there were many – this is the one I was abused the most for.“British CT continues its campaign against misinformation on the matter, together with leaders club. Indeed, it is precisely here that the roots of the non-vaccination theories rest, as the source reveals to The Sun: “Locker rooms and Whatsapp groups are filled with anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. Many seasoned players have also been deceived by online vaccines-related arguments and myths. They refuse to change course. If Qatar continues with its plans to require vaccination certificates from fans and players for the World Cup, it will reach its peak“.

Unveiled the club doctor A script made of truly insulting naivety: “We have veterans and smart guys who come up with all kinds of bullshit. Someone told me that he doesn’t need the vaccine because he can boost his immunity by taking vitamins. Some of the things they read on the internet are incredible, but they do. Players say it will make them sterile, which is part of a conspiracy involving Bill Gates, and that the pandemic is just propaganda. The real problem is that they pollute the minds of young playersSports Minister Nigel Huddleston said:It is disappointing to hear that there may be some footballers who do not wish to receive the vaccination, possibly due to misinformation online.In the end, nothing more than a vigorous effort to raise awareness can be done FIFA He stated: “This is a private matter between individuals and their clubs as employers. Our preparations for the upcoming international matches continue as usual“.

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