‘It’s a game-changer’: the microSURE disinfectant claims to kill COVID-19 on surfaces, providing 8 days of protection

Woodland Hills, Los Angeles (CABC) – During this pandemic, keeping surfaces clean and people safe is a non-stop fight! One of the new products available could be a game-changer on this front.

Jump Gym like many companies. He is still locked down due to COVID and is trying hard to stay afloat. But teaching gymnastics by Zoom has limited benefits.

Alvaro Llosa, the gym owner, said, “It’s different. They don’t have the equipment. It’s not safe, because they don’t have a coach to help them.”

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The facility in Woodland Hills already has visual safety protocols in place when personal operations resume. But they are relying on an invisible defense against COVID called microSURE, which is a multi-surface disinfectant that does not require the use of personal protective equipment and is safe for children.

I don’t have to prepare, I put it on the puffer and hit the whole gym without any problem, ”said Yusa. “This is something to me that is a game changer. There should be no reason to stay closed anymore.”

The active ingredient in microSURE is benzalkonium chloride, or BAC, and it is present in most antibacterial wipes. Many products using BAC are vague about their effectiveness against COVID, but not microSURE. The product’s maker says it has been lab tested specifically against COVID.

Dr. Irwin Law said: “It definitely kills the virus, well. Second, it seems to validate the fact that on the surface it has persistent virus-killing properties over time now, the time point is eight days.”

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The product is inert in its liquid state. But when applied to any hard surface and left to dry, the material forms molecular shaft points, which lead to disintegration of pathogens. It is much safer than chemical disinfectants.

The Denver Broncos actually mistake their players for using a microSURE prior to training, hoping to provide another layer of protection against COVID.

“It’s not a chemical killing,” said Philip Guzman, general manager of microSURE, “It’s the nanometer size and technology behind the product that destroys the virus mechanically.”

Knowing what is at stake, Alvaro Llosa is confident this new product is part of the solution to safely reopen it.

“My daughter has already come to the camp. I feel safe. And you know to do it, I feel safe to move forward without any problem,” said Yusa.

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