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Italy-USA: Mattarella, “An Association that makes us committed to promoting civil liberties and democratic principles”

(Photo: Press and Communication Office of the Presidency of the Republic)

There is a “link between Italy and the United States that sees us committed, from a convincing transatlantic perspective, to upholding and promoting civil liberties and democratic principles, within the framework of international security and stability with the aim of promoting economic development and social progress.” This is how the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, declared in a proclamation issued on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States and Italy that began on April 13, 1861.
“We have come a long way together since then,” the head of state notes, stressing that “our deep friendship has gradually strengthened over the past 75 years, rooted in a shared commitment to the values ​​of freedom, peace and democracy.” “The continuous and fruitful social and cultural exchange between our peoples nurtures them, as well as the contribution made by the large and industrious community of Italian origin in the United States and the American citizens residing in our country,” continues Mattarella, according to the series “Unprecedented global challenges push us, once again, to unite the will and energies on At the national and international level, and in the multilateral forums that have, for decades, demonstrated effective measures. “
The President of the Republic concludes that, “I sincerely hope that Washington and Rome, together also in responding to the challenges of this moment, will be able to continuously strengthen their rapprochement and develop their cooperation increasingly to support the affirmation of shared values.” “I am pleased to send my warmest wishes for the future of relations between our two peoples and my deepest appreciation to those who, With their commitment, they contribute to increasing ties between Italy and the United States. “

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