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Italy comes to dive better than expected World Cup in TokyoJust finished. Until last week, only one Azzurri athlete qualified for the Games, Noemi Patekki Through me World Cup 2019. Well, the national team now has six Olympic cards, given names Kiara Pelakani and Elena Bertucci (To synchronize 3 meters), Giovanni Tucci (3m orchestration), Lorenzo Marsaglia (Conjunction 3 AD and individual 3 AD) e Sarah Goodwin de Maria, The real great revelation that comes from Japan, where it made its debut at a major global event, with notable additional constants and a remarkable fifth place finish in the final from the 10-meter platform.

However, Italtuffi does not stop, because it is already time for Europeans and the men, together with the staff, set off yesterday from Tokyo Verso Budapest, With a stop in Doha, For about 16 flying hours. Crazy rhythm imposed this time by FINA, Which programmed world Cup Without taking into account the dates of the continental championships known for some time. To be sure, the European dimension is an Italian dimension, because it wouldn’t be there in the first place Big countries like China, Malaysia, USA, Canada and Australia (Absent, however, at the World Cup) Then because it is historically for 20 years, the Azores gathered many podiums at the event. It will probably be the same in Hungary, even if it is the stress of travel, for the many competitions close by, for the very difficult “bubbles” (lunches and dinners in the room, life is a hotel pool, without any kind of entertainment). It will make you feel. And not all World Cup champions are among the strongest schools (Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and UkraineIt will be located in Budapest. Nevertheless, we ask Azzurri to repeat high-level tests in synchronization and raise performance in singles, while remembering that in Europeans we will also find many races, such as Team event, mixed synchronization and 1 meter starting point.

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Rather return to for a moment world Cup And reading the results and capabilities of the Azzurri in Olympic Key, it must be said that on paper there are no opportunities for the coronation podium for Italian divers, but beware: as the coach reminds us. Domenico Rinaldi, In the 3m Synchro, there are only eight pairs (and right in the final), with Japan starting a bit behind the others, for both men and women. Tochi Marsaglia e Pellacani-Bertocchi They are, in Rinaldi’s words, “practically at the foot of the podium,” which are their favorites on both sides. This means that with a perfect match, and in the event that there are mistakes by the preferred countries, they should be ready to take advantage of the opportunity and perhaps prepare to realize a big dream….

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