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Introducing the Piazza di Siena Cup of Nations today

16.10 24 penalties for the Egyptian team, Modi, an increase of 24 penalties for the African team.

16.08 A perfect test for Irishman Dara Kenny, who closes with 12 penalties.

16.06 Japan closes Taizo Sugitani with two errors and a total of 20 times Italy.

16.03 Belgium’s third net worth! Gregory Wachlett closes without errors arrived Germany!

16.01 Czech net Alice Opatterni! Only 8 penalties for the team.

15.59 The Italian champion has a foul, who ends with a total of 8 penalties. 20 in total for Italy, which is out of the top 8. Italy can still hope to return as host country, if the distance with eighth place is not more than 8.

15.57 The American charts a clear path, the USA with eight penalties against Italy. All six countries that have completed the test are above the blues.

15.55 Laura Kraute, from the United States, appeared, missed twice, and concluded with 8 penalties. Now another American must go, MacLean Ward, followed by Luca Marziani.

15.53 Mexican Patricio Pascal had accumulated 8 penalties, but his test was ignored, as Mexico collected 8 penalties.

15.49 a clear path to Sweden’s Malin Barriard-Johnson, Sweden closes with 8 penalties and also takes the lead on Italy.

15.47 4 penalties for Olympic champion Rodrigo Pessoa in 2000, a total of 8 for Brazil, who advanced mathematically over Italy.

15.45 cleared the way for German David Weil, with Germany closed at 0!

15.43 France closed, and Kevin Stout completed the test with four faults. 8 total for France.

15.40 The third round ends with 12 penalties obtained by Egyptian Karim Zoghbi. Italy has 12 penalties total, and will have to find a clear path to escape the depreciation.

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15.38 It was time for Irishman Denise Lynch, who tarnished the performance with 13 penalties.

15.35 Japanese Eiken Sato made two mistakes, a total of 12 for Japan.

Another 15.33 nets, this time from Belgium’s Jerome Jerry, 0 seconds in the team standings.

15.31 It’s up to Czech Kamil Papousek, author of the wonderful Clear Path Test!

15.29 American Laura Kraute does not participate in the race, so directly, it is Ricardo Pisani blue who pollutes the test with only 1 foul and 4 penalties.

15.27 Carlos Hank Guerrero, Mexican, with 4 penalties. A big surprise today, the Central American team, take a great test.

15.25 Sweden’s Angeli von Essen has 8 penalty kicks, the first safe for the Scandinavian team.

15.23 Luiz Felipe de Azevedo keep Brazil in the competition, with only 4 penalties behind.

15.21 A clear path for German Patrick Stuhlmayr, second from Germany, who is now a candidate for a leadership role.

15.19 French Matteo Pilot, concluded with four penalties, the first confirmed for the nation.

15.11 The second round ends. Italy already has 8 safe sanctions, and it is vulnerable.

15.10 Al-Masry Abdel-Saeed Al-Qawi closes the test with one mistake.

15.08 Ireland’s Bertram Allen finished with four penalties for Pacino Imero.

15.05 Japanese Koki Saito badly hit 15 penalties.

15.03 Belgian Yves Vanderhasselt concludes with four penalties, and now Japan.

15.01 Emma Auger de Mossac, representative of the Czech Republic, finishes with 9 penalties, exceeding the time limit.

14.59 A bad test for Giulia Martinengo Marquet, who with Elzas made 4 fouls, has a total of 12 penalties.

14.57 Jessica Springsteen, for the United States, collected 4 sanctions and came to 8 in total.

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14.55 Only 4 penalties for Mexican Eugenio Garza Perez, who continues to stun after the clear path in the first lap.

14.53 For Sweden, it was time for Douglas Lindelof, who also made no mistakes, reclaiming 12 penalties from Augustson Zanotelli.

15.51 Brazilian Yuri Mansour closes without errors! 4 penalty kicks for the national team.

14.49 Germany recovers, with Kendra Brinkob making a clear path. 8 total for Germany.

14.46 Mark Delaser is very fast, but with 8 penalty kicks, Penelope Librefost’s superb performance is not confirmed.

14.44 Sameh El Dahan ends with 8 penalties. It starts in France.

14.42 8 Penalties by Mark McCauley, Egypt closes the first lap.

14.42 Daisuke Fukushima, representative of Japan, commits a foul, with a total of 4 penalties.

14.40 It is time for Belgian player Olivier Filbertz, who starts his national team well with a perfect path.

14.38 Czech Ondre Zvara commits two fouls and collects 8 penalties.

14.36 8 penalties for blue, arrive in combination.

14.34 American Kent Farrington, already victorious here at Arena de Siena, ends with four penalties, and only one foul. It is up to Italy, Emmanuel Gaudiano!

14.32 Mexican Nicolas Pizarro closes the match without errors with his team, Fabrice.

14.30 It’s time for Sweden’s Angelica Augustson Zanotelli for a 12-Test penalty kick.

14.28 4 penalty kick for the Brazilian, who completes a time of 71.37.

14.26 70.57 Time of German Marcus Eining, who made two mistakes. Now the Brazilian, Luis de Azevedo.

14.23 Clears the track for the French vehicle, Liberefost, which ends in 73 seconds.

14.20 Everything is ready, very soon the start.

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14.15 Among the first to start, there will also be German Marcus Eining, in yesterday’s guide, who will try to complete the course without errors in Calanda.

14.10 Sweden will start with the greats of the hero, which will open with Angelica Augustson Zanotelli, fourth takeoff.

14.05 Italy will be the seventh to descend, open with Emmanuel Godiano, and ride Chalo!

14.00 shortly before the official start, the first to descend will be French Penelope Leprevost, along with Gfe Excalibur de La Tour Vidal.

Great horse riding in Italy, and Siena Square Get ready for your first big date this weekend, with the traditional date Nations Cup, Which will see Italy clash with eleven other teams, in a fantastic competition that is not much missed in 2020.

The ruling hero is still there Sweden, From the 2019 edition, which publishes a well-respected squad as Belgium is looking for a hit with its four strikers. Jerome Gehry, Olivier Philberts, Yves Vanderhasselt and Gregory Wathelet, with podium also possible in the singles race.

It shouldn’t be underestimated either Germany From Marcus Enning and Daniel DeuserFrance also has Kevin Stout, while Italy certainly will not stand idly by. Emmanuel Godiano, Julia Martinengo Marquet, Luca Marziani and Ricardo Pisani They will be the knights who have been summoned in search of lost success since 2018.

It starts at 2.30pm, have fun.

Photo: Grassia / FISE

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