Italy is the European champion in tchoukball. Strong representation of Saruno among the Azoreans

there The Italian tchoukball team won the European Championship, For the second time in a row, a Leeds in the UK. captain blues Filippo Gili from Sarones Who despite being injured two months ago managed to lead the team on the field.

Blues music from artistic como Francesco Caprani Yes me It was imposed with a score of 67 to 51 on Switzerland. “Everything went well coach says Which during the season led to Sgavisc of Rovello Porro winning the Serie A Championship –. We were able to reassert ourselves as champions after first place at Castellanza in 2018. After winning the set, we faced Germany in the semi-final with a right-handed header first and then Switzerland in the final.“.

Four Sarono players in the national team: in addition to Captain Filippo Gili, they are also heroes Gabriel TorchettiAnd the Andrea Volenti And the Andrea Zonca. present, then, Many young Sarones in M18 for men which, like Women’s teamIt is second only to Switzerland. One gold and two silver medals So they concluded the 2021/2022 season of tchoukball, which will resume in early September with training in light of the Serie A, Serie B and M18 tournaments kicking off in October.

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